The Social Life

Don’t let the title fool you,  this post isn’t about simply hanging with friends, planning the next party or finding ways to increase your social status. It’s more about your cyber social life.

There are a couple of different points I’m going to approach on this post but based all upon something I saw on television. It’s actually inspired from a commercial for a Canadian RV rental company. In my opinion, its a fairly brilliant ad, especially since I still remember it and even making a blog entry about it.

The commercial features a family, a modern, middle class family with a mom, dad, son and daughter. Throughout the first 90% of the commercial all the family does is text constantly and be on some sort of social network site on the computer (None were mentioned or showed in the commercial, but I’m sure we can all guess which one they were making fun of). What really caught my attention though was that the members of the family didn’t even look up from their devices to acknowledge each other. They would simply say “Hi” whilst still looking at their devices, both parents and children alike.

With that said, at the very end of the commercial, the family packs up in their rental RV and head out to the great outdoors for the weekend, away from cellular service and wi-fi, where it shows them clearly having a great time around the camp fire.

Even though the commercial was over exaggerating for most cases of a typical family, they really hit a good point. A lot of time families miss out on the clean good fun they could be spending together or even with friends. I will admit, that in the past I was a huge culprit for texting a tonne and being on Facebook a lot. To be truthful, it actually all slowed down my progress in school and knocked about my grades when I first started university. That was all because of the amount of time I spent texting and sitting on Facebook. After my first semester of university and seeing the marks I got out of it, I quickly realized the damage that this cyber social life was doing to my work ethic and my aspirations of attending medical school. Not only that, I really realized how much time I was wasting sitting pointlessly on Facebook or sending useless texts that only a handful I’ll remember in my life. Since that epiphany, I cut back a lot on my Facebook time and texting. In fact a lot of days I don’t even bother going on Facebook or just sign on to make a status update for anyone that cares. Some days I don’t even text at all neither. After such a cutback, its amazing how much time I learned I was wasting with the cyber life and it really makes a difference in the length of the day and my productivity. I think is a very important lesson I learned in the modern society, that I don’t think should really be underestimated. So I employ anyone to just cut back a few days and see if you feel the same.

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know that makes the difference” – Anonymous

Tyson Trepidations.



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