Let’s Go To Candy Mountain! Uphold Wonder!

On my last day off, my sister and I went up to Wells Grey Park, near Clearwater, British Columbia, Canada to do some hiking before the summer ends. We decided to do a semi-advanced day hike, although it would have been nice to do a multi day one, but with my job, the work weeks have been getting longer. Anyways, at that provincial park, there are tonnes of different hikes to choose from, but we chose the Trophy Mountain trails.

It actually took us a while to get there though. Clearwater is about an hour north from where I live, then Wells Grey Park is about another twenty minutes from there. For the Trophy Mountain trail there’s also this road that runs 15km, but it took me a long time to drive those because I had to take it really slow 4x4ing with my little car. Poor Gabriella… (Yes, I named my car Gabriella).

I’ll keep the talking short since I have pictures to display what I saw, although I gotta say, the pictures do the view no justice. It was so much more spectacular to actually be in the Trophy mountains. With that said though, we saw lots, a couple different lakes, several mountains and cliffs, all kinds of flora and fields of flowers. Not to mention the cool bridges and the ancient log house there too.

But here are the pics and enjoy. Also, I hope I inspired someone to do a little sightseeing in the most Beautiful Place on Earth. Supernatural British Columbia!


Trophy Mountain Meadows


My Sister And I In The Trophy Mountain Meadows


Galloping Through More Meadows!




View From The Top Of Trophy Mountain


Sheila Lake


Me Near The Top Of Trophy Mountain


“I love to think of nature as an unlimited broadcasting station, through which God speaks to us every hour, if we will only tune in” – George Washington Carver


Tyson Trepidations.


A Dying Art: 35 mm Photography

I guess this makes me a little oldschool, but hey, that’s alright with me.

I still shoot a lot of my photos on one of my 35 mm camera’s. Now don’t think that I’m completely archaic, I do own a digital camera as well for when I’m just chilling with some friends or somewhere that I don’t want to bring my huge 35 mm’s.

Some of my equipment features quite old technology, but they they were the best of the best in their day. The cameras I use are a Canon AE-1 (which I decided to put into retirement last week) and a Canon A-1. There are also a series of lenses including: the standard Canon 50 mm f2.8-22, a Canon 200 mm f4-22, a Hanimex 28 mm macro lens f2.8-22, a 2x teleconverter, Canon 70-200 mm macro lens f3.5-22, along with a series of different filters to go with them.

I like shooting with film because at the end of a roll its almost like a surprise to see what you get. I mean of course you know what you take a picture of, but when its developed, it doesn’t always turn out how you anticipated. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse. Also, even though its a lot more work, I like having to do everything manually by choosing my f-stop, shutter speed, taking the proper readings, focusing, etc. I think it’s what makes me a better photographer and helps me improve the pictures that I take.

Sometimes people tell me I should sell my photos too, but that’s really why I take photos in the first place. I aspire to be a brain surgeon, not a photographer. It’s just a hobby and something I like to do. I believe that the moment that you start asking for money is when you turn it into a job. If that happened, then I don’t think I would enjoy it quite as much.




“Every day may not be good… But there’s something good in every day” – Unknown


Tyson Trepidations.

Say Cheese For Scanning Electron Microscopy

I’ve always had this weird intrigue with looking at things under the scanning electron microscope. They always look so cool and interesting. Probably since they aren’t like anything I have seen before.

It’s like the hidden art in science (and yes, I’m totally geeking out right now).

So I thought I would share some images from the scanning electron microscope for others to see. You probably don’t think its so interesting, but for some reason I’m always really compelled by the images scientists get from them.

Just some information about it: A scanning electron microscope works by scanning the subject with a high energy beam of electrons that interact with the subjects atoms to give information like the topography and composition.

Butterfly Tongue Under The Scanning Electron Microscope


Hornet Leg Under The Scanning Electron Microscope


Pollen Under The Scanning Electron Microscope


Spider Under The Scanning Electron Microscope


Triturus Under The Scanning Electron Microscope


“Nature composes some of her loveliest poems for the microscope and the telescope” – Theodore Roszak


Tyson Trepidations.